10 Questions with Carmichael Byfield Warsaw Fashion Week Sept 2016

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  Carmichael Byfield, owner and designer for International brand House of Byfield showcases his SS/17 ‘Peace’ collection at Warsaw Fashion Fashion Week

Photographer: Marc Lamberchets

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Warsaw Fashion Week





WWS: “What is the most exciting show you’ve done ?”

CB:“The most exciting and professional show I’ve ever done as of today’s date is the Serbia fashion Week 8th April 2016”


WWS:“What was your inspiration for this collection?”

CB:“The Collection from House of Byfield was inspired with it’s colorful taste to bring Peace to the World”


WWS:“What kind of fashion moment are you expressing?”

CB:“Global domination with the brand House of Byfield to express the brand present in or on the most prestigious platform”


WWS:”What do you think of the latest fashion trends ?”

CB:“The latest fashion trends are exciting and inspire me to move forward with the brand for the continual domination globally”


WWS:“What’s the most challenging part of the show?”

CB:“Backstage getting the models ready for the catwalk with less than little time.”


WWS:“So If you had the choice of all designers in the world to work with for next year, who  would that person be ?”

CB:“David Paulus”


WWS:“How do you balance creativity with business?”

CB:‘Both are very special and personal to me, and that makes it easy”


WWS:“What trend you’re least into these days?”

CB:“Black clothing”


WWS:“What inspires you most?”

CB:“The fans Globally”


WWS:“What’s The Proudest moment in your career thus far?”

CB:“Serbia Fashion Week”


WWS: BONUS: “What are your thoughts on the changing nature of Warsaw fashion scene?”

CB:“Warsaw Fashion Week was and is better than I expected, the people there welcome the brand with a warm and welcoming heart and I’m looking forward on showing at their next event in march 2017”

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