10 Questions with Celebrity Fashion Designer Jason Christopher Peters

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10 Questions with Celebrity Fashion Designer Jason Christopher Peters


WWS: “What sparked your interest in fashion?”

JCP: “Well, I have been sketching since I was 3 years old, but did my first fashion show when i was 18 years old; here we are 16 years later I am still designing and successful!”

“On January 21, 2017 Celebrity Designer Jason Christopher Peters presents his Spring 2017 Fashion Show Event! This will be a high profiled event so dress to impress because the cameras will be rolling!!! With a merging of art and fashion this Fashion Event is an event you do not want to miss. Enjoying an evening of Networking with fashionistas, models, professionals and socialites! Prepare to be photographed while shopping and enjoying cocktails. The event will be filmed for reality tv as well! Jason has hand picked some of the most amazing up and coming brands to vendor at the event where you will be able to shop exclusively! Come out and support the talent!!”

WWS:  “How have you handled success as a designer and the fame of being a T.V Personality?”

JCP: “I have always said this, I see myself as a regular person with a crazy life! I am grateful and humbled by everything that has happened with my life and career! although, I do get recognized just about everyday; it feels good to feel the genuine love and support from others!”

The Boyz Next Door ATL | Season 2 | “Back in the A” | Super Trailer


WWS:  “If you could give one last shout out… EVER (think end of the world?) Who would it be?”

JCP: “WOW! That’s a hard one, it would be to GOD. I would yell, “Thank you for all of your blessings!””


WWS: “We’ve spotted your new underwear & hoodie collection, and we love it, when will you release new styles of your women’s baby, and youth lines? And what will that look like?”

JCP: “Thank you! The Underwear Line is coming Soon! I am a perfectionist and so I want it to be perfect for the customer! Yes, I am working on new designs for mens, woman’s , youth and baby brands.

My spring/summer 2017 collection is titled “CIRCUS”  so get ready! there will be lots of land, wild and beautiful colors throughout the collection. It debuts in ATLANTA on January 21st 2017″


WWS:  “Major celebrities like Paris Hilton, Aubrey Oday, Phaedra Parks, Cynthia Baily,  for example have been wearing your bear pins. Are you working on other accessories to go with that concept?”

JCP: “Yes. I don’t want to give too much away. I love the element of surprise so you all will have to watch and see what happens!”

Recording artist Kat Deluna rockin one of my couture eye patches from my collection for her music video


WWS: “Are there any designers you would like to work with on a future collection?”

JCP: “Yes! I am a HUGE fan of Jeremy scott! I love his work! He is very creative and thinks outside the box! I also think that Balmain is beyond extraordinary!”


WWS: “You’ve filmed your 1st season of the hit web series show The Boys Next Door Atlanta can we look forward to you being on the 2nd season?”

JCP” I’ve filmed one season with Boyz next door Atlanta and it was a great time! I have been offered a ton of tv offers since then so stay tuned to see what I will be on, as far as boyz next door nothing has been discussed.”

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WWS: “What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your fashion company?”

JCP: “That everything is trial and error. you have to always understand that and be open to change. I learn new things EVERYDAY!”

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WWS:  “What’s your latest fashion design project?

JCP: “I am doing heavy promo for the spring and summer 2017 lines. I will be headed back to NEW YORK in February for fashion week. i am returning to the modeling world, tv world and am finishing pieces for V.Bozeman of FOXES EMPIRE!



WWS:  “Where do you see your fashion brand in 5 years’ time?”

JCP: “I see it having a huge presence in all of the foreign markets globally and internationally. i want to continue to have a huge impact on the world and continue to be a positive influence around the world!


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