Named One of The Best Tapas Restaurants In The US by Travel + Leisure! Barsa Tapas & Lounge Is Pleased To Announce Their New Menu

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Barsa Tapas & Lounge is pleased to announce the recent hire of sous chef James Burge.  Burge, most recently at Barcelona Wine Bar in Atlanta and Connecticut, has extensive experience with Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine and tapas in particular.  He opened multiple tapas restaurants in Boston, Connecticut and Washington, DC before moving south with his wife and daughter and accepting a position at Barsa.  He is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Atlanta, GA.

Shortly after Burge began at Barsa, he and Executive Chef Cole Poolaw decided to revamp the Barsa menu. Poolaw says, “We’re so fortunate to have so many local and regional farms and purveyors that we can work with, but Burge and I want to go toward a more ‘traditional’ route with our tapas to fully explore the cuisine.  We will continue to source as much local product as possible, but plan to explore more exotic ingredients as well.”

The new menu features the extremely popular paella, Jamon & Queso, a selection of artisan meats and cheeses , and a wonderful selection of tapas including Grilled Leeks with Romesco, Sea Salt and Olive Oil, Octopus with potato, pimento and lemon, Stuffed Peppers with Roncal Cheese and Arugula, and Pork Empanadas with red pepper sauce.

 The Complete New Menu  PDF MENU

What’s even better Barsa was just named one of The Best Tapas Restaurants in the US by Travel + Leisure!

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Paella is a rice dish that originated in its modern form in the mid 19th century in Valencia on the east coast of Spain. Paella was originally a laborer’s meal cooked over an open fire in the fields and eaten directly from the pan using wooden utensils. The main ingredients for paella are rice and sofrito (a stew of garlic, onion, and tomatoes cooked in olive oil). The name “paella” comes from the old French word for pan, paelle, which is a derivative of the Latin word patella. What distinguishes paella from other rice dishes with meat, fish, and vegetables is the saffron that grows amply in Spain.  During the cooking process the paella will form a char on the bottom of the pan known as socarrat.

TO SHARE portion is suggested for 2-3 persons, and the LARGE portion is suggested for 4-6 persons.


(small) $16
(medium) $30
(large) $42


(small) $19
(medium) $36
(large) $54


(single) $15
(medium) $26
(large) $38


We are a Spanish tapas restaurant located on Upper King Street [the corner of King and Line Streets].  We serve everything from small plates to paellas perfect for any size group.  We have plenty of free parking, a courtyard for dining and cocktails, and have become a destination spot for those seeking fine wine and a locally sourced and seasonally inspired menu.-Barsa


58 Line Street
Charleston, SC 29403

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