The Bay Street Biergarten Gets STRIPED | By Alyssa Porter

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So What Happens When The Striped Pig Takes Over The BayStreet BierGarten?

Striped Pig Distillery Takes Over!

2225-A Old School Drive Charleston, SC 29405

CHARLESTON, SC. – On Tuesday, December 17th
WhereWeStandMagazine was honored to be invited to experience two of the most
talked about new businesses in Charleston join forces for a night of
Bier and Booze! Striped Pig Distillery and the Bay Street Biergarten
hosted the Bier & Booze party, which was a night to sample spirits
from Charleston’s first distillery since Prohibition. With the popularity of
the Biergarten and the continued heightened interest in Charleston’s
spirit, the duo was a perfect pair.
The city came out to indulge in SRIPED drinks and the
on Biergarten’s delectable Bavarian selections. The sizeable parking lot
was once again packed for the Striped bar takeover! Cars were pouring
onto the streets. A private party was going strong in the upstairs V.I.P.
room. Meanwhile, out in the garten, groups of friends indulged the
Bavarian food, socialized under the festive lighting, and enjoyed what
The Striped Pig brought to the table!
The Biergarten was the ideal setting for this laid-back, Tuesday
night party. Customers who usually prefer a casual beer were exposed
to craft spirits and saw how they can be drank in a variety of ways. The
talented bartenders at the Biergarten can come up with anything and
their beer and striped spirit infused cocktails are incredible.
The shots were flowing and although Charleston’s drinking scene
is not known to rest just because it is a weekday, the crowd was
especially out for a Tuesday. Striped Pig Distillery President, Casey
Lillie, and Marketing Director, Juliana Harless, were giving out free
samples of straight vodka, rum and 120 proof ‘shine as well as a
delicious mixed shot, known as “Striped ‘Shine Apple Pie.” The shot
was so popular that many diners even ordered it as a cocktail.
Literally, eyes widened and mouths dropped in awe as people
sampled what Striped brought to the table.
“Usually people are startled
by straight shots, but when they taste how smooth our spirits are, they
keep coming back for more,” Harless said. “The most popular choices
were the Striped ‘Shine Apple Pie mixed shot and the straight rum
shots, but we really just went through a lot of everything,”
Along with getting a free shot and snazzy promotional stickers,
patrons who ordered a “Striped cocktail” were entered into a raffle to
win their own at-home barrel aging kit. One lucky customer walked out
with their own one liter barrel and a bottle of Striped ‘Shine, which
head distiller, Johnny Pieper, and Lillie handed him themselves.
Striped Pig sells engraved barrels at their distillery in one, two
and three liters that you can age your own spirits in. Their 120 proof
‘shine can be transformed into whiskey in a few months. If you prefer
their aged rum, like the kind they limited released and only 60 lucky
fans got to buy, then buy your own barrel and bottle of Striped Rum
and make it yourself!
Striped Pig Distillery makes all of their spirits from scratch. Corn,
grown at Myer’s Farm in Bowman, SC, is used to make their vodka and
120 proof ‘Shine. Their molasses is from Savannah, GA and goes into
making their delicious rum that has subtle notes of butterscotch.
Striped Pig plans to continue to host several tasting parties at
bars, restaurants and liquor stores around town. They will be at Bottles
Beverage Superstore on December 27th, several New Year’s Eve parties
around town and at the Oyster Roast at Triangle in Mt Pleasant on January 4th
benefitting the Shem Creek shrimper who lost his boat.
They are also hosting “CHIVIN’ at the Pig on January 25th at the distillery.
You can stay up to date with all of their events on their Facebook
page, Twitter and website at
. Striped Pig
products are available at almost any liquor store in the Charleston
County and will soon spread throughout the state. You can see a
complete list of where they are available on their website. Their
distillery is open for free tours and tastings Wednesday though Friday
from 3 to 7 P.M. and Saturday from 12 to 5 P.M.
WhereWeStand Magazine will be taking a formal tour of the
Striped Pig Distillery Januray 6 th
! Stay tuned for the exclusive feature of the revolutionary establishment. We want to know: Where do you stand
on Striped?

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All Photographs where Taken By Nick Milak Photography, Director of Photography for WHERE WE STAND MAGAZINE