Charleston’s 5 Hottest Restaurants Right Now By Rachel Lindsay

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Charleston’s 5 Hottest Restaurants Right Now !!

Sure to impress your visiting family & friends for the holidays!



(Http:// – recently opened! (July 2016)

One of the most beautiful and relaxing dining atmospheres in Charleston! Family owned and operated, Le Farfalle is a regional Italian restaurant recognized for its handmade pastas and local farm-to-table ingredients. Executive Chef Michael Toscano has crafted a diverse menu with much more than pasta and (my favorite part) everything is served uniquely plated. The bar is incredible, too, with carefully selected wines, local beers, and in-house cocktails that pair with each dish.



Want local seafood? Seriously stop the search!! The Ordinary has become Charleston’s top Southern-style seafood hall and oyster bar. Capturing the very essence of the Coastal Carolinas, The Ordinary has been labeled “The Next-Generation Oyster Bar” where mixing great food and great drink is their utmost passion. Expect hot and cold dishes, everything from shellfish towers to caviar, the Ordinary is a must-try.


( – recently opened! (August 2016)

Oops, Chef Sean Brock did it again! On a personal note, my fiancé and I L-O-V-E coming here and for him being a sous chef, he is very particular of where we go, so that is seriously saying a lot! McCrady’s has recently been revamped and split into two restaurants, the Tavern being more casual. The menu here has something to satisfy any craving and talk about variety! Just to name a few: Beet au Poivre, Spag with Shrimp and Calabrian Chiles, Burgers, Tartare with Funyuns, and Egg in Aspic. Freshest drink menu in Charleston as well. The menu is on the pricier side compared to the others on our list, but trust us: It is worth the splurge!


( – recently opened! (July 2016)

Pitmaster John Lewis is seriously passionate about meat! Short and sweet, Lewis’s roots are in Austin, Texas where he opened up La Barbecue. Then he moved to Charleston a began doing pop-ups, moving around to local breweries making his BBQ for lines of people waiting for hours. Famously known for their beef brisket and TexMex Tuesdays, mixed with their overall precision and dedication to meat, Lewis BBQ has earned year’s Eater Restaurant of the Year award for Charleston.



Fire. Smoke. Noodles. Serving next-level, nontraditional ramen and other Japanese- and Korean-inspired dishes cooked over binchōtan charcoal grills, Chef/Owner Jeffrey Stoneberger introduced 2Nixons pop-up restaurant to Charleston, S.C., in October 2015. Drawn from his childhood anchored in the crab culture of the Mid-Atlantic and a professional pedigree that includes experience working in some of the country’s most lauded kitchens, including Saison in San Francisco, AGGIO in D.C., and McCrady’s in Charleston. Stoneberger’s unvarying interest in exploring the depth, comfort, and grace of Asian flavor profiles guides him in his first solo restaurant project. The website is consistent on upcoming events and where to locate this traveling kitchen.