A Glimpse of Bending What’s Trending: Part 2
People just want to RAGE! It’s out-RAGE-ous!
Following a trend is one thing. Starting a trend is always a good thing
for a musician, even better when that musician becomes a trend.
Learn the rules of a new sport created through Music Festivals. Do you
have what it takes to Ground-Score Competitively?
See how independent and major record labels can jolt a musician’s
What past artists are being emulated in today’s scene and how the
“new versions” are creating a brilliant image or insulting the original
Spoiled Crowds: Are Tickets, Music, Merchandise, and more at the fans
Disposal? Has the focus of today’s shows become inverted?
Our Human Nature in relation to modern music is out-RAGE-ous!
“I have never been to a music festival but I went to plenty of concerts in my early
twenties/late teens. I attended a Silent Disco put on by Inkahootz. It was a
completely different experience. The music doesn’t seem to be the FOCUS We
would have to get up and leave our seats to get drinks or walk around. At the silent
disco, it was very spacious, people wandering around. With the headphones, they
literally could stop listening at any time. Everyone had at least one headphone all
night but would stop their music to socialize or go do something else. Its like a party
where the focus is on the crowd and their attention span, or lack thereof.
Constantly something new has to be happening and I don’t think the listeners
realize how spoiled they are.”

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In the last few years there has been a tremendous ascension to the once underground Electronic music scene.  We’re all investigating the societal impact of the rising E.D.M. scene on the today’s generation; this series hopes to offer insight on modern music from a different perspective. Where We Stand’s “Bending What’s Trending” will shock you back to the future! Part One: E.D.M., comically introduces the three part series and a deeper, comprehensive knowledge of electronic music and the culture surrounding it. We are following the oldest trends in the newest ways…Everybody’s Doing it Man!

“Electronic music has been around for DECADES. It’s morphed and evolved in the most amazing + surreal ways. Let’s take it to the future!!!…Just image what we’ll be listening to in 50 years” – Opiuo.