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“Fashion Over Style” by House of Byfield

There’s no denying it, temperatures are definitely beginning to drop now. After a fairly mild autumn it’s easy to forget how bitter a cold snap can be here in the US, which is why we highly recommend mastering the art of winter layering before the frost really sets in.

Layering is a styling technique many of us actually look forward to once the last autumn leaves have fallen, because it can be as stylish as it is practical. This is, of course, providing it’s done right.




Recently awarded with the Rotterdam Fashion Awards 2014, International fashion designer Carmichael Byfield presented his AW15 House of Byfield collection at the Hilton Hotel in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Carmichael’s radical and refreshing designs set the perfect tone for a great fashion night out.


Latest and greatest menswear and accessories, by House of Byfield so it’s fitting that Spring 2014’s biggest trends come with a heavy mix of global influences. THE GLADIATOR SANDALS, THE TAILORED SHORT & CAMOUFLAGE check out this latest editorial! CLICK HERE

Twins of Fashion
Creative Art Director: Carmichael Byfield
Fashion Photographer: Marjan Hendrikse
Marjan Hendrikse. Mua/Hair: Allissa Homan
CompanyDeCreativo. Models:Niels & Nick Robben.

Is there Nothing Carmichael Byfield Doesn’t Do ? From designing the latest Fashions in the Netherlands  to creative directing this “Editorial” ”Twins of Fashion” It seems like theres no Stopping him. WhereWeStandMagazine got an Inside Look at the Inspiration Behind his Collection.



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Toby Bissels Is an experienced  Fashion, Commercial, and TV Model, Hailing from the Southern Part of The Netherlands He has been so kind to give WhereWeStandMagazine and Interview!  Toby Give us an Inside Look at the modeling industry from a MALE MODELS Perspective. FULL INTERVIEW 

MartinK-9597-pOriginally from New York Carmichael Byfield has lived since 2008 in the Netherlands, where his passion for designing men’s clothes returned. At an early age Carmichael already got inspired by designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Moschino who in1994 produced flower-printed menswear what really gave him more inspiration to follow their footsteps. After taken part in designers training in Jamaica and New York, his designer’s hands started itching again when he came to the Netherlands.

In 2011 Carmichael started designing for himself!

House of Byfield’s designs can be described as discreet and elegant wear with an eye for detail and a sportive touch. Carmichael mostly works with light fabrics in asymmetrical layers, so it falls beautifully and natural on the body. His ‘daywear suits’ are for men who dare to dress well and still aren’t afraid to use color.

Freddie Westerhof Is the acclaimed Fashion photographer  who photographed this Editorial! He is a Getty Images artist and has work with over 25+ European Fashion Models including Model Martin Knorr who is Featured in THIS Editorial check out Freddies Portfolio … You won’t be disappointed!

WhereWeStand Magazine was able to get  a Sneak Peak into what next for Carmichael Byfield! + The London Collections:  2014 MENs via Fashions Finest – World of Fashion  Video ! *Bottom of page

The designers in The Netherlands realize that some countries – like our own – are not blessed with a dry, Mediterranean climate all season long; sometimes a coat is essential even on the hottest days.

This season thin belted trench coats are the solution. Look for one that hits between the ankle and the thigh and opt into an ultra-light fabric as well as a bright colour if you’re feeling as brave as our brothers on the continent.

Photographer Freddie Westerhof |Model Martin Knorr
Photographer Freddie Westerhof |Model Martin Knorr

 Even though it’s common knowledge that the Italians craft some of the finest leather in the world, it still came as quite a surprise to see so much of the material at the summer shows. However, by removing linings and taking the fabric as thin as possible, leather has been reworked into seasonally-appropriate attire

Photographer Freddie Westerhof |Model Martin Knorr
Photographer Freddie Westerhof |Model Martin Knorr

Forties and Fifties American influences were all over the catwalks this season with loose-cut trousers hitting high on the waist, chalk stripe details and prints and collars

Photographer Freddie Westerhof |Model Martin Knorr
Photographer Freddie Westerhof |Model Martin Knorr

While the horizontal patterns  were certainly the boldest way to wear this trend, it was the block colour stripes on suiting really caught our attention

Photographer Freddie Westerhof |Model Martin Knorr
Photographer Freddie Westerhof |Model Martin Knorr

Funkybuddha Mayfair teamed up with Fashions Finest and the British Red Cross to host a Menswear Fashion Show in light of the opening of the 4th Season London Collections:
London Collections World Of Fashion Event january 6th 2014 

London Collection Men Jan 2014

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