“The Fresh Face Of Fashion” Exclusive Interview With Model Glenn Versteeg Editorial by Freddie Westerhof

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Fashion photography will always be essential, but what happens when an artist pushes beyond the boundaries and utilizes cutting edge technology to create a truly inventive viewing experience?

Gleen Versteeg started modeling in the “fall of 2014” and has quickly become one on The Netherlands leading models among the new, young, fresh faces of fashion. Follow him on Instagram here: http://instagram.com/glennversteeg/. WhereWeStand Magazine was able to snag an interview with him! Shoot by Freddie Westerhof this editorial has a series of 10  images. This young man is only 18 years old and has a bright future ahead. He’s humble, smart, energetic and photographs amazingly!

Freddie Westerhof  continues to push the envelope with content that bridges the gap between high gloss fashion photography and acclaimed Model Scout. He’s worked with over 40 models working in the industry right now!  Check out his portfolio of models here:http://freddiewesterhof.nl/glennversteeg.html Freedie also shoots Portrait, fitness and glamor, product, interior and architectural photography.

“The Fresh Face Of Fashion”

WWS: “What’s your background in modeling? When and why did you get started? Was it for the glamour? The money? Pure kicks?”

GV: “I started in October/November 2014, the photographer Freddie Westerhof approached me through Facebook.

I added him on Facebook earlier that year and he had a free day and asked me if I was interested in doing a fashion photo shoot. I immediately said yes, I always wanted to do a shoot but it never happened, I always followed models on Instagram and Facebook! So when we did the shoot, the pictures were awesome. And Freddie said I should build a portfolio and start sending in my pics to agencies. and that’s where it all started”

WWS: “Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why?”

GV: “Well my two favorite models are definitely Mariano Di Vaio and Sean O’Pry, because the style and the facial expressions these two models have is so great and they have so much style, for sure I’m trying to create my own style and looks, but often I look at the profiles to check how they dress and how they look on pictures!”

Model:Gleen Versteeg Photographer: Freedie Westerhof
Model:Gleen Versteeg Photographer: Freedie Westerhof

WWS: “Which fashion magazines, websites, blogs, and catalogs do you visit most often?”

GV: ” I think the magazines I read the most are t and Fashionformen the pictures and styles of clothes in those magazines are the best in the world and you can add up so much ideas and inspiration to your own work to improve yourself!

WWS: “How would you describe your style?”

GV: ” Thats a hard one… I think my style is a bit careless, casual, but classy as well. I can do shoots in suit and tie, but also in a white T-shirt with jeans.”

“I also like to do a mix of those things. A skinny jean with white button-up and tie. Not the standard things, I don’t have a certain style that’s focused on one style, I like to mix things up!”

Model:Gleen Versteeg Photographer: Freedie Westerhof
Model:Gleen Versteeg Photographer: Aad Sommeling

WWS: “Where do you generally shop?”

GV: “I usually go to the local ZARA store. In my opinion  ZARA has everything. from suits to urban style to nice shirts with colorful prints on it. lets say I never leave the ZARA without anything new haha”

 WWS: “What other modeling projects have you done?”

GV: “Well like I said I’m a beginning model so I didn’t do anything else than fashion shoots. But I’m heading to Milan soon to do castings for some agencies over there and hope I’m  going to sign. There will be more modeling projects for me! Because I’m motivated as hell to do things to travel etc.”

WWS: “Out of all of the photos the photographer took of you, which is your favorite and why?”

GV: “I’m pretty sure that this one is my favorite because everything of the picture is right… The pose, looks, the area(hotel room) and also the clothes. Don’t know…. Every time I look at this one, I’m feeling good and the reactions on this one where also spectacular!”

Model:Gleen Versteeg Photographer: Freedie Westerhof
Model:Gleen Versteeg Photographer: Freedie Westerhof

WWS: “What makes Amsterdam fashion unique?”

GV: “hmm I think Amsterdam is a city that has so much opportunities for models, many agencies are based in Amsterdam, it’s also a great city to shop and see things, also the AMFI school is based in Amsterdam. It’s a high fashion school. And students all over the world study there. I think Amsterdam belongs to the top fashion cities in the world.”

WWS: “Do you have any other experience in the fashion industry (writing, photography, marketing, etc.?”

GV: “Not yet! But the marketing side of the fashion is getting my attention. So maybe in the future.. for now I’m just focusing on becoming a good and professional model!”

WWS: “What is fun and rewarding about modeling?”

GV: “The fun of modeling is you get see so much and meet so much new friendly people with all the same goal, to make great pictures and show the world how nice the fashion/model industry is! Whats rewarding for me for now, is the pictures I get and the opportunities to shoot with good photographers and meet good models and share experiences with, and I could breakthrough in the modeling world. Then there is the chance to make quiet a few bucks to live with!”

Model:Gleen Versteeg Photographer: Freedie Westerhof
Model:Gleen Versteeg Photographer: Freedie Westerhof

WWS: “What do you dislike about modeling?”

GV: “What I definitely dislike is the waiting…The waiting to get response from agencies, the waiting for the pictures to be ready. It’s a lot of waiting haha! But in the end its worth it! And of course I get that photographers want to make the best pics and I also get that agencies have to get back with the whole team to discuss things!”

WWS: “What advice do you have for other aspiring models?”

GV: “Well for me to give advice haha.. I’m just a beginner  to but from my experience you have to build a strong and divergent  book/portfolio, show yourself from many  sides!”

Model:Gleen Versteeg Photographer: Freedie Westerhof
Model:Gleen Versteeg Photographer: Freedie Westerhof

WWS: “How do you prepare for a modeling shoot?”

GV: “I’m a real relaxed and cool guy I’m not doing crazy stuff to prepare, I’m just do my normally things! Pack my bag with clothes, get a shower eat my breakfast. Then im heading out to the location! What I like during the shoot is to talk with the photographer and have some music on! Just  to make the shoot comfortable because I think that then you get the best results!”

WWS: “How would you describe working with the photographer?”

GV: “I’ve worked with a few! But Freddie Westerhof I worked the most with! He is a real cool and calm guy who makes such great pictures! He’s very clear in the things you have to do to make the best shots, but he also let you do your own things and check if they work out! So it’s not like you have to do as he says, he also let the model come with ideas of poses and looks! Really nice guy to work with! He also helped me so much to get started in the model industry, and I want to take this moment to thank him for that!”

Model:Gleen Versteeg Photographer: Freedie Westerhof
Model:Gleen Versteeg Photographer: Freedie Westerhof

WWS: “What makes a stylish lady or man?”

GV: “Think of style as doing your own thing, and convincing others that it’s cool. When I think style I also think timeless and classy no matter what is going on elsewhere. Style is more of a timeless representation of who you are, whereas fashion is generally composed of many trends that come and go as fast as the seasons” 

WWS: “How would you describe the photographer’s style?”

GVL: “My photographers style is  great, it’s divergent and everything but boring, he is great in mixing things up! From classy to somewhere out in the city in a busy shopping mall. He really helped me build up my book and made sure there are many different pics in it!”

Model:Gleen Versteeg Photographer: Freedie Westerhof
Model:Gleen Versteeg Photographer: Freedie Westerhof

WWS:”Who are some of your favorite fashion photographers? (They do not have to be famous.) and What does fashion mean to you?”

GV: “Well Freddie Westerhof and Toby Nguyen, also Philip riches!”

WWS: “What distinguishes a good model from a bad one?”

GV: “I think the important thing that distinguishes a good  from a bad model is that the good model knows how to live in mood-board the photographer wants to make, how to really get in the character! A bit like a movie player! Like for sample if the photographer want black and grey with cigarettes ( like James Dean) you have to get like James dean.. be nonchy be careless, be self esteemed and confident about yourself”

WWS: “What distinguishes a good photograph from a bad one?”

GV: “A good photographer, is the photographer who gets the model motivated to make  the best pictures the photographer who is getting the model in to his element! And make him believe that anything is possible! Because in my opinion a model makes the best pictures when he is convinced about himself!”

Model:Gleen Versteeg Photographer: Freedie Westerhof
Model:Gleen Versteeg Photographer: Freedie Westerhof

WWS: “What makes Amsterdam a good shopping city?”GV: “Amsterdam is not the city where you can say “name it we got it’ then you have to go to Milano and USA haha, but you can find anything you need in Amsterdam ! it’s a big ,big shopping city with lots of famous names in de fashion industry!”WWS: “How has modeling changed other aspects of your life?”GV: “It changed me in a way that you have to brighten up your life, discover things! Make your own journey! See things, travel, enjoy and laugh!”WWS: “What are some of the main differences between runway and photographic modeling?”

GV: “That fashion models are often seen on the runway in international fashion shows or in glossy magazines, while commercial models are generally seen in advertisements or catalogs.”

WWS: “What’s your favorite outfit from your own closet?”


Model:Gleen Versteeg Photographer: Freedie Westerhof
Model:Gleen Versteeg Photographer: Freedie Westerhof

WWS: “Describe the atmosphere when you’re on a shoot. Do you play music? Do you talk with the photographer between shots?”

GV: “Yeah absolutely! I like to make it as comfortable as possible! The tension you have sometimes at shoots are the things I hate, the more social atmosphere on a set/shoot is much better in my opinion!”

WWS: “Anything else you’d like to say?”

GV: “I enjoyed doing this interview! And I hope that he things I had to tell about the model/fashion industry motivate models and helps them!”



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