Exclusive Interview With Model Matthew Vose | Photographed by Rick Day and Larry Hamilton

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Matthew Vose 

Photographers: Rick Day and Larry Hamilton

From England to the NYC, Matthew Vose has been taking the U.S by storm! From fitness, fashion to lifestyle modeling Matt has quickly become the MVP for the season. Matt gave WhereWeStand Magazine an exclusive interview. He gave us a glimpse to the fashion industries’, designers and  models, the ups and downs. Want to know how to get a models six pack body? Matt talks about his diet and gym regiment and so much more!!!! All With WhereWeStand Magazine!

WWS: “What’s your background in modeling? When and why did you get started? Was it for the glamour? The money? Pure kicks?”

M.V: “Well I have to say that I’m a bit of an exhibitionist

… What can I say I like the attention, don’t we all? The money isn’t bad either, and we all know how much models like to party.” 



WWS: “What does fashion mean to you?”

M.V: “Fashion isn’t such a big deal to me… people should be able to pull of their own individual style, whoever they are. I wouldn’t call myself a fashionista but I do like my brands. A small pair of shorts at the beach never goes am I miss.” 


WWS: “What distinguishes a good model from a bad one?”

M.V: “I think it would have to be ego, a lot of other models I talk to can be a little vain. We need to be slightly humble in this industry not everyone appeals to the same crowd. One mans pin up is another mans waste paper.”


WWS: “Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why?”

M.V: “You need to go for the ones with class and sheer determination… men that work hard and strive to be the best. Hard work and determination is key.” 

M.V: “When it comes to designers I like those with a bit of bling.. A little bit of in your face never hurt anyone 😉 you can’t beat a pair of Rufskin short when your chilling with a movie and friends. Match that with some louboutin and your half way there”.


WWS: “Which fashion magazines, websites, blogs, and catalogs do you visit most often?”

M.V: “POP and 10 Men is a must… its great to be exposed to other peoples individual styles, I think it helps you grow as a person. I love British fashion, they set the trend and Im proud of that.” 

WWS: “How has modeling changed other aspects of your life?”

M.V: “I have become much more open minded with people and opinions. We are apart of the same world and we should appreciate each others unique style and way of life.”



WWS: “What’s your fashion mantra?”

M.V: “Tan and teeth, need I say anymore? People care about people who care about themselves! Eyes are the key to someones sole, so looking bright eyed can never be underestimated.” 


WWS: “What do you like to do on your free time?”

M.V: “My friends are a massive part of my life and a huge support network, they mean the world to me! A best friend is there for support and offers good advice. Priceless! I like to hit the gym also and eat great food! A trip to the beach is never off the cards.”



WWS: “How would you describe your style? Consider anything and everything from color to historical eras and more.”

M.V: “My style is unique to me… I like to do things that maybe others would not dare to do! If we were all the same the world would be a boring place. Black is king and it always will be… this years black is, and always will be black!”

WWS:  “Out of all of the photos the photographer took of you, which is your favorite and why?”

M.V: “Hats off to Rick Day, it has to be my favorite picture to date. I love how he captures the moment as well as the style and atmosphere”


WWS: “What is your nutrition? How often do you go to the gym? Do you practice constantly?”

M.V: “Eggs, eggs and more eggs, I must eat about 60 a week! Proetein is key! You need to eat a well balanced diet with a strong exercise regime. Hard work and determination is what its all about. You can train everyday but if your diet is lacking you will get nowhere. I must train about 6-8 times a week!”



WWS: “What advice do you have for other aspiring models?”

M.V: “It’s not easy, if anyone said it was they were lying. Your not going to get discovered like Kate Moss, work hard, play hard and you will do well. Be personable, those you meet on the way up you will meet on the way down.”

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