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“Fashion Over Style” by House of Byfield

There’s no denying it, temperatures are definitely beginning to drop now. After a fairly mild autumn it’s easy to forget how bitter a cold snap can be here in the US, which is why we highly recommend mastering the art of winter layering before the frost really sets in.

Layering is a styling technique many of us actually look forward to once the last autumn leaves have fallen, because it can be as stylish as it is practical. This is, of course, providing it’s done right.


#ATTACKART captured & art directed by Luca Finotti and styled by Paolo Zagoreo, for the “MUSEUM” issue of Fucking Young! magazine.

Get your copy of Fucking Young! SS14 issue athttp://fuckingyoung.es/store/fucking-young-4-museum/

— with Harald HeisePatrick MählmeyerAlz Samudro FebriantoCoco BasileDaniel GonzalezRowan Mckenzie and Cristi Isofii.

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 Host A. David Verde takes you on a traveling tour of Southern cities and discovers its fashion communities and street style.


Louis Vuitton Series 1 Campaign

For the Louis Vuitton Series 1 Campaign, Annie Leibovitz, Juergen Teller and Bruce Weber produced three photographic stories on the same day, at the same time, in very different venues. #LVSeries1

A dream. An icon. The essence of elegance. A Louis Vuitton piece is not just a product; it is the embodiment of incomparable savoir-faire and refined quality. Each travel item showcases the brand’s signature style and bears witness to the French lifestyle.
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AS ALWAYS he’s turning up the heat in The Netherlands!

With this latest editorial, featuring blue & purples hues (the colors of royalty) “Drama king” is sure to turn heads. Fashion Photographer Fotografe Marjan Hendrikse shot this Editorial and has had the pleasure of working with Carmichael on various shoots and projects. Carmichael has been so kind as to give WWSMAG an interview + an inside look at what it means to be a fashion designer,  taking his fashion to the NEXT LEVEL , He Tells WhereWeStandMagazine why he decided to become a fashion designer and what he plans to do NEXT PLUS so much more!  

WhereWeStandMagazineELEGANTMFI,DARK BEAUTY, FASHION-FACES, and IDEM are just a few of the many, many, many magazines he’s had his designs featured in!!!

 Donnevan Vanier is the model  FEATURED in “DRAMA KING”. WhereWeStandMagazine was able to snag an  interview with him too! He tells us why he started modeling, Where to Shop in Amsterdam, and offers advice to aspiring models! 

Donnevan Vaniër | Model
Donnevan Vaniër | Model

Full Article “

DRAMA KING: A Castle Fits A King And Is King Worthy”

Is there Nothing Carmichael Byfield Doesn’t Do ? From designing the latest Fashions in the Netherlands  to creative directing this “Editorial” ”Twins of Fashion” It seems like theres no Stopping him. WhereWeStandMagazine got an Inside Look at the Inspiration Behind his Collection.

Click Here For Article | Editorial 

Toby Bissels Is an experienced  Fashion, Commercial, and TV Model, Hailing from the Southern Part of The Netherlands He has been so kind to give WhereWeStandMagazine and Interview!  Toby Give us an Inside Look at the modeling industry from a MALE MODELS Perspective.

Tillywood Magazine, Fashion Faces Magazine, Heineken, LG, Philips, & Suit Supply are just a few of the OVER 35+ Brands he’s modeled for. PORTFOLIO HERE

Jaiwey Nuij Is the Fashion Photographer behind these photos, Jaiwey was born in in Amstelveen, where he grew up. He worked for several years as a photographer in a large studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Hereafter he started working for modeling agencies as a photographer, model scout and sales manager. Now he’s a freelancer in this area. His own studio is based in Amstelveen. JaiweyNuij

Click Here For Interview

Freddie Westerhof Is the acclaimed Fashion photographer  who photographed this Editorial! He is a Getty Images artist and has work with over 25+ European Fashion Models including Model Martin Knorr who is Featured in THIS Editorial 2014 AD Campaign

Jason Christopher Peters

Not a bad word can be spoken about the Celebrity Designer Jason Christopher Peters after debuting his fall collection at this years 2013 New York Fashion week! As a former Model Jason can tell you he’s seen it all! Regarded as the ‘future of fashion’ by Teen People, Genre, Bleu Magazine… WhereWeStand Has an Exclusive Interview With the Model Turned Fashion Designer… Rumor has it he will be making another Television Appearance very soon ! His collections have graced television, on such networks as Fox’s American Idol, MTV, and ABC

His  designs can be seen on the likes of such celebrities and Recording Artists like  Omarion, DJ Quest, Phaedra Parks of Atlanta Housewives, Janice Combs, Brandy, Kat Deluna, and Jersey Shores- Sammie Sweetheart and thats just some of the many celebrities he’s styled and design for. He’s traveled too, lived-at and produced Fashion shows in San Francisco Ca, Atlanta Ga and Most recently New York City WhereWeStand Magazine Cant wait to see what he does NEXT WhereWeStand  has The *Exclusive Interview*

JasonChristopherPetersCollectionBlackDress_2-1[spider_facebook id=”1″]

The Little Black Dress $450.00 USD

Designed By Jason Christopher Peters

Gorgeous black layered chiffon dress. The back of the dress is layered and scaled with delicate black rose petals to add the couture touch to the dress with rose petals on the front by the neckline as well. You can custom order the dress with or without rose petals in the front. This dress was recently worn by Celebrity reality Tv star Sammi “Sweetheart” from the hit show Jersey Shore on MTV. She wore the dress on ABC for her Barbara Walters 20 most fascinating people of 2010 interview. The dress is available in many colors as well for custom order.


Sentrell : Too Legend
Designer Sentrell : Too Legend

With both artist coming from Columbia, SC, Too Legends Black Kazuya and Sentrell are able to add a new wrinkle to the fashion industry through eyes and ideas that have not been touched before. Every item from Too Legend is flushed with passion, care, and style.

Follow the movement on Twitter and Instagram @too_legend Also check out our site toolegendcollection.bigcartel.com in order to purchase one of our masterful creations! “Become Legendary” Full Interview Here