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Time To Layer Up

There’s no denying it, temperatures are definitely beginning to drop now. After a fairly mild autumn it’s easy to forget how bitter a cold snap can be here in the US, which is why we highly recommend mastering the art of winter layering before the frost really sets in.

Layering is a styling technique many of us actually look forward to once the last autumn leaves have fallen, beause it can be as stylish as it is practical. This is, of course, providing it’s done right.


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On The Runway

As you would likely imagine, layering was a prominent theme across all AW14 collections, coming in many different forms.  Contrasting cropped jackets underneath tailored patterned overcoats, while vivid red duffle coats were worn over thick orange roll necks 



Winter Layering Basics

When it comes to mastering the art of winter layering, it’s important you get the basics down before getting too creative.

For beginners, there is one simple rule that you should try to follow at all times: thin to thick. What this means is that when you’re putting together a look, the pieces that you layer together should get thicker and more heavyweight as you progress outwards.

This technique ensures that the most lightweight, breathable garments are closest to your skin, and the more durable, heavyweight pieces are protecting you from the elements – allowing you to remove or add layers easily, controlling your body temperature in the process.

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More specific guidelines to bear in mind include:

  • Make sure you vary the texture and fabric each time you add a piece to your outfit. Unless they come as a whole, such as suit jacket and trousers, you never want to keep adding the same material to a look. Remember, the denim tuxedo is the greatest of all style sins.

  • Following on from the point above, if you want to wear the same type of material multiple times, you can – as long as you bear in mind texture. For example, cotton is one of the most commonly used fabrics within menswear, so limiting yourself to just one piece per look is not entirely practical. However, what you don’t want to do is combine brushed cotton together four times. Instead, try mixing brushed, waxed and thicker Oxford cloth cottons to provide natural definition.

  • Try to pick pieces that complement each other. For example, corduroy and denim work well together due to their outdoors/worker wear heritage and rugged, durable nature.

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  • Your look should still work each time you add or remove an item. No matter what outfit you create, there will undoubtedly come a time when it becomes too warm for all of your layers, and if you haven’t considered how your ensemble breaks down and the pieces work independently, it can spoil your entire aesthetic. You don’t want to be the guy who is too afraid to take off his jumper in an overheated office just because his t-shirt doesn’t work with his tailored trousers.

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  • Layering will dramatically affect your overall silhouette. Wearing multiple pieces of varying material and cut has the potential to completely alter some of your existing go-to outfits, sometimes ruining them completely. Think about how three to four upper layers can begin to look extremely top heavy when combined with skinny/slim legwear. Always consider the contrast between your top and bottom half.

  • Layering provides you with the perfect way to introduce colour or print to your looks. For the less confident, confining these hues/patterns to your under layers will help negate their impact due to the top layers only exposing part of the garment.


Lookbook Inspiration: Three Pieces

Below you will find some go-to combinations that utilise three key cold-weather staples. Shirts under knits under blazers, tees under sweaters under bomber jackets – the options are endless and only limited by your own imagination:

Casual Trousers

With sports luxe influences currently dominating the industry, many designers have started to turn their back on traditional formal aesthetics in favour of dressed-down looks that may have a wider appeal to the everyday male.

 one of 2015’s most dominant looks is set to be dressed-down suiting. Yet this new, more relaxed approach seems to be an evolution of one of this season’s current trends, which saw both high fashion designers and the high street embracing the concept of dressed-down trousers.

From streamlined sweatpants and relaxed wide-legged tailoring to slim-fit trousers matched with trainers, today we are set to explore the casual trouser trend – examining the options available on the current market while exploring ways they can be integrated into your own

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On The AW14 Runways

 These looks were clearly designed to have mass appeal and would not look out of place on any high street in the US – something many designers sacrifice when trying to produce the ‘wow’ factor.

Nearly all of the ensembles  presented featured wide-legged tailored trousers in a variety of fabrics and tones, anchored with a pair of minimal white trainers. It was a simple yet effortlessly stylish combination.

The majority of the trousers came in block-colours, although grey houndstooth check and black and white chalk stripe patterns were also featured. The genius of the collection was the marrying of these wide-legged trousers with simple staples: chunky roll necks, crew neck jumpers, bomber jackets, camel overcoats and knitted scarves – pieces all men should already have in their wardrobe.

For us, the highlight was a pair of black wide-legged trousers worn with the signature white trainers, a light grey shawl neck cardigan and white shirt, finished off with a tan leather backpack. The smarter trousers in a wider fit contrasted beautifully against the sports-inspired pieces, creating an ideal balance of smart and casual that oozed sophistication:


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Creative Art Director and Designer: Carmichael Byfield of http://www.houseofbyfield.com 

Fashion Photographer: Fotografe Marjan Hendrikse of http://www.madriafotografie.nl 

and on facebook: Fotografe Marjan Hendrikse 

Stylists: Tamara Meyers and Regina Falkenburg
Hair-Stylist/Mua’s: Ed KrijgsmanPiù Bella Visagie MuahCarla Stroijckens & Miranda Braaksma
Jewel/Vintage-Bags: VJR Jewels by: Marianne Moerman 
Eye Wear: Mr. Artist – Eye Wear Design by Maarten Voor de Poorte
Shoes: Blue Days Footwear by Yanto Drogt

Male models are Jason Rome (Mgb Netherlands/Mgb Models,Innoncence Model Agency, Male Photography Europe Model Management, BOOK Management, SIR Model Management), Rink Feitsma (Mgb Netherlands/Mgb Models), Robin de Ranter (Mgb Netherlands/Mgb Models), Sebastian Nox (Mgb Netherlands/Mgb Models), Medlon dos Santos, Ainsley Lewis Dawndre (Fashion Week Nederland), Requillio Ommen, Thomas Toonen (BulletModels)

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands