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Hayden Jacobs is a DJ and producer from Charleston, SC. He  has become a well-known club DJ in the local scene.  You can catch him spinning his beats at The Oasis Bar & Grill Located on 778 Folly Road  or King Dusko 541 King Street. Look Out for his Future Label diamonds in the rough!

Do you have a stage name?

Yes its DMND but i usually go by Hayden Jacobs.

Have you Had a Dj “Name” Before?

No actually i have not.

Are you originally from Charleston?

Actually no, I moved here in april of 2012 so it’s coming up on two years but i really like it here.

What gave you that initial push Did the Djing, Production, Promoting come 1st?

None of them really came first, I’m a glover by heart. At first i would go to the clubs and if i didn’t like what was being played i couldn’t glove! So what better to do than make your own music!

Who’s throwing the best parties at the moment?

Theres a lot of people out there doing it right at the moment. anytime silent city sounds has anything going on it will be a treat,  EskapeMate is about to blow up, and i gotta give it to my boy Billy at Charleston low frequency.

Which other countries have you played/put parties on?

I actually haven’t been out of the country but if i had to pick it would be Ireland.

What genre of music do you consider your work to be?

I really don’t have a genre. I usually mix so many genres that I accidentally come up with my own.

Who are your major influences?

Frenzy, thats where I’ve picked up my breaks from and Fonik. Fonik plays nothing but dirty so i have to respect that.

What inspired you to make music and DJ?

I was tired of hearing top 40 at all of the clubs. i wanna be able to play on king street and not have to hear “can you play versaci???” if i can go out to a club, play my own music, and still have everyone jamming out, i would feel very accomplished.

Do you have a record label?

No haha i do not but maybe in the future thats something i would definitely love to do I’d probably call it diamonds in the rough, i love the meaning and I’ve always had a fascination with diamonds.

Are you a member of any music organizations?

Nah just cool in it at the moment but I’m open to any offers.

What can you tell me about your MIXING EQUIPMENT (i.e., Are you subject to brand loyalty or will you play with whatever’s available?

I have a traktor s2 at the moment. Its basically all i need to get me by with the skills i pertain.

What made you choose the instruments you have now?

The s2 is very user friendly its not hard to figure out and its not gonna hurt your bank either.

Was it cost or was it a style/model/brand/color preference?

I’ve always wanted the traktor s2, I’ve just recently had the chance to acquire one so I’m happy for the moment.

Where have you performed?

Ive played at The Hive, The Oasis Bar & Grill, and King Dusko so far in South Carolina.

What are your favorite and least favorite venues?

I really don’t have a least favorite. Anywhere that lets me play is cool to me and my most favorite is probably King Dusko.

Do you have any upcoming shows?

I don’t have anything planned till after the new years but yall will be the first to know

Which songs do you perform most frequently?

I like to play a lot of frenzy, it’s definitely the kinda music you put on in the morning to get ready

Do you prefer to perform live or have some pre recorded options available?

Everything i do is live, pushing play is way too boring for me. and i cant get into the music and jam out with the crowd if I’m not controlling the music. I feel that’s wrong

Do you ever play any covers?

Sometimes ill throw an a cappella over whatever song im playing. if not that it would be a mashup

Do you have a set play list?

No. never, I like to do all of my musical preparation about 15 mins after i started playing haha

Could you briefly describe the music-making process?

I just have a song playing and whatever song i want to mix in with it i do. you just have to work it and make the two songs blend together correctly!!

What are your rehearsals generally like?

Just me and my music off in a quiet place….. until I hit play.

Do you have a set time each week in which you practice or are rehearsals more spontaneous?

most definitely spontaneous. sometimes ill be watching tv and hear a song in the background of a commercial and it just makes me wanna play (imagine hearing something cool in the car)

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music What has been your biggest challenge as a DJ?

I’m still in the evolving stage. But I’m looking for the challenges because thats how you learn and get better.

What’s your ultimate direction AS A DJ?

I just wanna be successful. not even recognized, i just want to look back on this and feel good about what I’m doing at the moment!

Are you seeking fame and fortune?

Not really that just makes your head bigger. for right now i just want everyone to know who i am and what I’m about

What advice do you have for people who want to START MIXING?

Take as much advice as you can. and if you can get someone to give you lessons then go for it its always a chance to make new friends and sharpen your skill

Who are some of the artist you’ve work with/collaborated with ?

I haven’t really worked with anybody on production but me and DJ Marley (Bob Keeney) always practice together and try to mix in and out of each other

Does he influence your music?

Yeah I’ve actually learned  a lot from him. countless nights together doing nothing but running traktor s2

How can fans-to-be gain access to your music?

soundcloud.com/hayden-jacobs-2 thats where you’ll find anything new

Is there anyone you’d like to acknowledge for offering financial or emotional support?

Definitely my mom and stepdad and anyone else who supports what i do

Any last words?

Stay golden ponyboy!!!!

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