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Interview With Photographer Dillon Morgan

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A Native to Charleston South Carolina Dillon Morgan!. You might spot him traveling through the streets of Downtown Charleston or even covering Some of Charleston’s premier parties for WhereWeStand but what he always seems to get is  The Perfect Shot!

Interview With Photographer Dillon Morgan

What inspires you?

The most inspiring thing about photography to me is living to capture the moments we want to last forever.

What makes a good picture stand out from the average?

A “good picture” to me is one with a clear message. Everyone says a picture is worth a thousand words, but its what those words say that make your picture stand out.

What does photography mean to you?

Photography to me is a way to empress myself. Though it may sound corny, it’s my way of showing the world what I see.

One of today’s main discussion points amongst photographers is about the use of digital photography vs Film; do you use digital cameras?

I shoot both film and digital, but the main reason is just because of the evolving multimedia world around us and also the cost. Though you may not think about it with film you have to buy each roll, you only get that many pictures to take, and you can’t delete them. Not to mention you have to get them developed and printed. In this ever changing world you have to adapt to survive, but it doesn’t mean I still don’t go shoot some good ole fashioned film every once and awhile.

How important is it for a photographer to “connect” with his subjects to bring out their true self?

Connecting with your subject is key in order to get a good photograph. I hate seeing pictures of people/families where everyone has a fake grin on their face. I’m a very comical type of person and my trick is to find that one thing that make them laugh, then when you see their real smile, click.

Locations and weather conditions seem to be a crucial aspect to a successful picture. How do you handle these unpredictable factors?

Honestly you just have to come prepared; it’s truly the test of a good photographer to be able to shoot in any condition.

Color vs. black and white. Why one over the other, and is the photographic process different?

Color vs. black and white is always a big dilemma for me. I started my photography studies in only black and white; where you learn more about composing your pictures around the object inside the frame, than the colors that are popping out at you. For me black and white photography comes more naturally, but it’s never one over the other, though the process varies.

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