The main man behind the brand KEVIN LESLIE was born on the 10th August 1974 to a father who was a tailor. I therefore learned the artistic and aesthetic value and appreciation for fashion. Brand KEVIN LESLIE was conceived in 2004 out of creativity. As I always say, creativity is drug that I cannot live without. I started the actual production to build my capacity in 2009. As we are all aware, the beginning of every establishment is not easy and to break through in the fashion world demands strong financial footing.

Owing to this, production and designs are being sold on the social media. KEVIN LESLIE has its show room Paris. Production has formally started and sales are good. Lots of people are interested and appreciative of the Brand KEVIN LESLIE. I therefore deem it a great honour to be part of Fashion Extreme Paris 3, so that it will project, market and sell the brand KEVIN LESLIE.

Designer :
Kevin Leslie

Photographer :
Marc Lambrechts

Shoes :
Costa & Ros

Diana Wagenmakers

MUAH and Nailstyling :
Sabrina Emmaneel

Miss Region Netherland Models :
Diana van Oorschot
Mara van Collenburg
Malissa de Krijger
Romy van Klei
Margot Thomas
Rosita Limahelu
Shenna Neyens
Athina-Mae Murg
Daisy Harms
Joelle Cheyenne
Kimberly Dekker