Model Twins of The Netherlands by Carmichael Byfield

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Carmichael Byfield  has done it again!

One of the key strong points of bringing gladiator sandals in to your wardrobe is their ability to tie in with the urban bohemia trend. The past-season success of this trend means a lot of your wardrobe will pair exceptionally well with your new foot attire. Think structured blazers, tailor shorts, neckerchiefs, chambray, linen, stripes, and camouflage 

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Camouflage print is a pattern trend that we thought would fall out of fashion quickly, but since its rise to prominence a couple of years ago the industry has continued to back it season after season. Prominent within autumn/winter collections due to its traditionally dark and earthy colour palette, the majority of men will associate the print with functional, outdoor clothing, instantly dismissing its sartorial credentials.

The Tailored Short

Your go-to option for smart-casual looks is the tailored short, which should be a staple in any discerning gent’s warm-weather wardrobe.

Following the overarching industry trend, tailored shorts have become slimmer over time. And like much of English sartorialism, you can trace them back to military roots, where the patriarch was almost certainly the Bermuda short as worn by the British Army. Today’s incarnation is slightly shorter and closely follows the line of the hips and upper thigh, finishing just above the knee.

The Gladiator Sandals

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; or more appropriately, your eyes. I bring to you a debate of epic proportions – the gladiator sandal and its presence on our feet.

Men and women have adorned the gladiator sandal, in its simplest form, before records began. Notables such as Julius Caesar, Pythagoras and even Jesus himself sporting the trend – dapper fellas. Fast-forward 2000 years and the gladiator sandal has re-emerged, albeit undoubtedly more popular with the females then us warriors of the wardrobe.

As is the norm with many modern fashion trends, gladiator sandals transcended genders and appeared last summer in what can only be described as a ‘minor trend’. However, with the summer fast approaching this year could well be time for the gladiator sandal. 


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Creative Art Director: Carmichael Byfield of

Fashion Photographer: Fotografe Marjan Hendrikse of and on

Facebook: Fotografe Marjan Hendrikse

Mua/Hair: Allissa Homan of and on Facebook


Model: Nick Robben (Monique Sluyter Models, Innocence Model Agency, House of Byfield and

Klooster Casting)

Model: Niels Robben (Dyon Caractere, House of Byfield, Brad Models).

Op facebook Nick en Niels, Twinpage.

Model: Donnevan Vanier (MGB Models, House of Byfield).

Location: Kasteel Cannenburgh in Vaassen, The Netherlands