KAV1ANI – formerly performing under the name “DJ K”. In Winter of 2011 it was decided to evolve into the stage name of KAV1ANI . Pronounced (Kav-e-ah-knee, Kaviani)
The one (1) in the middle signifies there is only 1 … one love for the universal language of harmonic music. Originally hailing from the northeast from the City of Brotherly Love and Jersey, KAV1ANI transplanted to SC to Charleston where he decided to go full force with his DJ career. On the rise as one of the top DJs in his stomping grounds circuit, KAV1ANI picked up a lot of flavor in the southeast along with whopping dose of ultra-versatility. From immersive tech-house sounds to the funkiest of funk step or when they duty calls the trillest of twerk bounce trapville, KAV1ANI delivers to his audiences exactly what they want to groove to while filling venues and keeping the masses in non stop motion Full Interview/Article 
Nathaniel Knows is currently one of the hottest young DJ/ Producer in the EDM scene.  Throughout his life, Nathaniel Knows embraced and absorbed an eclectic array of quintessential vibes, honing his unique skills as a genre-bending DJ. Struck by love at first sound, he found his passion for music starting at the tender age of fourteen in West Coast Hip-Hop. From Hip Hop beats he graduated to Trance, DnB, Metal, and even Hardcore. As an aviation technician in the Navy, he traveled the world picking up new rhythms and learned to produce via PK (A.K.A., the Puerto Rican King), on board the USS JFK.  From there he wandered from Florida to Arizona, until he finally landed in the big city, Portland, Oregon. There he hit music hard, branded himself Nathaniel Knows Full Article Here + His New Video TIPPY TOES
A Glimpse of Bending What’s Trending: Part 2
People just want to RAGE! It’s out.RAGE.ous
“I have never been to a music festival but I went to plenty of concerts in my early
twenties/late teens. I attended a Silent Disco put on by Inkahootz. It was a
completely different experience. The music doesn’t seem to be the FOCUS We
would have to get up and leave our seats to get drinks or walk around. At the silent
disco, it was very spacious, people wandering around. With the headphones, they
literally could stop listening at any time. Everyone had at least one headphone all
night but would stop their music to socialize or go do something else. Its like a party
where the focus is on the crowd and their attention span, or lack thereof.
Constantly something new has to be happening and I don’t think the listeners
realize how spoiled they are.”


In the last few years there has been a tremendous ascension to the once underground Electronic music scene.  The underground is the internet. We’re all investigating the societal impact of the rising E.D.M. scene on the today’s generation; this series hopes to offer insight on modern music from a different perspective. Where We Stand’s “Bending What’s Trending” will shock you back to the future! Part One: E.D.M., comically introduces the three part series and a deeper, comprehensive knowledge of electronic music and the culture surrounding it. Everyone wants to be heard…Everyone wants to be seen. We are following the oldest trends in the newest ways…Everybody’s Doing it Man! FULL ARTICLE HERE


IMG_8594Marc Fennessy, a.k.a. Intermixture, is a local favorite Music Producer from Charleston S.C. He has a new album, new equipment, upcoming shows, and a lot to say when it comes to being a producer in today’s over saturated music scene! After just four years of performing in the U.S., and with over a decade’s dedication to music production and sound designing experience, Intermixture has had the privilege of performing at  Camp Bisco, Impulse Music & Arts Festival, Lake Crazy Fingers Music & Arts Festival, & FamouslyHot Music Festival. He has had the honor of sharing the stage with some of the scene’s most popular artists such as Big Gigantic, Ana Sia, Zoogma, Pretty Lights, Mimosa, Minnesota, Conspirator, Mochipet, BoomBox, The Malah, Eliot Lipp, NastyNasty, Michael Menert, Archnemesis,Two Fresh & More! *Exclusive Interview*



For a Thursday night at The Farm, a moderate crowd of loyal fans with a low energy was to be expected. A unique, immersive visualization system filled what resembled a set of rainbows with a kaleidoscopic effervescence of color and imagery awed behind the line-up of satisfying electronic music from DJ Vadim, special performance by Wildlight, and The Polish Ambassador featuring Liminus. This small crowd kept a good vibe with non-stop dancing despite the audience’s general disappointing comments toward the music.  Due to camera malfunctions and rejection for an interview, I was unable to capture the show as I’d hoped. *Full Article Here*



DJ, Rapper, Fan of Sushi And Twerking Tye Dye Rhymes has made a name for himself in Charleston, Spinning at  places like King Dusko for their Silent Disco Under The Stars Lazer Light Show, Opening for SpaceGhostPurp at The Music FarmBroadway at The Beach’s Outdoor venue for Summer Jam, and Opening for Waka FlockaKe$ha and Most Recently Wale at The House Of Blues in Myrtle Beach where he’s from.

Tyler Davidson is getting ready to release The Most Likely To Be Famous EP  October 29th!!!! Features include Yo GottiBen G, and others. a Production from Migrayne Boy. With Hits like Rage Out & Loud and Proud it wont be long before Tye Dye Rhymes Hits #1 on the charts. Some Critics might compare his sound to such artist like Mac Miller, Eminem or even go as far as to comparing him to Macklemore, …Comparing his djing abilities to “Masters” like Avicii and David Guetta some would argue is a close race! , But theres NO Sense Trying!, He’s Young, Fresh, Hip and has a Style and Sound unlike any Artist rapping or djing TODAY … and HE DOES THEM BOTH

WhereWeStandMagazine  got an *Exclusive Interview* with the rapper and what he hopes to do next in his career


Young talent, Liam Michaels (age 15), is an EDM producer and Dj from Charleston, South Carolina. He found a love for EDM in late 2009 and since then has pursuing his future goals of becoming a well known club dj in the local scene.

WhereWeStandMagazine has an *Exclusive Interview* 

Free Music Download at https://soundcloud.com/djliammichaels



3SD in collaboration with RAYG Shades presents a 90’s themed event. With even more live performances, A few new Dj’s and producers, and even a few contest it was one of their best events yet!.

***** THE CONTEST******
Best 90’s Themed costume well win a Free pair of RAYG Shades

*****THE LINE-UP*****
DJ Liamichaels,DJ Samadhi, Left, Maiki, Dj Salty, DJ Caritas


  • Silent Disco is the revolutionary way to listen to DJ’s and boogie down to your own pace. Instead of speakers, DJ’s run their sound through a wireless transmitter which projects the sound through the air to quality headphones that we provide. You can even switch between two channels to boost your groovin’ experience. It’s the wild new trend!**AUGUST 10th was their first ever LIVE SILENT DISCO featuring a LIVE performance from INTERMIXTURE! Intermixture, music producer, returned to his hometown along with his newly featured guitarist, Jared Miller to perform an all-original 2 hour LIVE Silent Disco Set. The duo first performed this year at Camp Bisco Music Festival after winning Zoogma’s remix contest of their track “Blocks”Here Are Some Pictures From The Last Event We Covered: Inkahootz Presents Silent Disco (Scroll Down For Video Interview with Ben Corum of Inkahootz Presents)

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    Where We Stand Magazine Video Interview with Ben Corum of InkahootZ Presents

This set featured a wide variety of musical genres ranging from glitch-hop and dubstep fused with electrofunk, dance and many more. All tracks where composed and produced by intermixture and was mixed live with many new additions including live guitar (jared Miller) , keys, and more

A FREE copy of the exclusive album Infinite Loop was at the show! Download yours Today Click the link Below.

www.intermixturemusic.com , www.soundcloud.com/intermixture

  • Silent Disco at BRICK HOUSE KITCHEN (Previous Event)



  • http://vimeo.com/52897498 Click to View Video
  • Silent Disco in the shark tank of the South Carolina Aquarium on Halloween! Nightnare on the Harbor 2 brought to you by Brightsound Entertainment – Silent Disco brought to you by InkahootZ!October 31, 2012