“Liminus in the Limelight as The Polish Ambassador introduces Wildlight & DJ Vadim at The Music Farm” By Alyssa Porter

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“Liminus in the Limelight as The Polish Ambassador introduces Wildlight & DJ Vadim at The Music Farm”

By Alyssa Porter


031For a Thursday night at The Farm, a moderate crowd of loyal fans with a low energy was to be expected. A unique, immersive visualization system filled what resembled a set of rainbows with a kaleidoscopic effervescence of color and imagery awed behind the line-up of satisfying electronic music from DJ Vadim, special performance by Wildlight, and The Polish Ambassador featuring Liminus. This small crowd kept a good vibe with non-stop dancing despite the audience’s general disappointing comments toward the music.  Due to camera malfunctions and rejection for an interview, I was unable to capture the show as I’d hoped.

077DJ Vadim, opened up the night with his combination of Hip-Hop, Soul, Reggae, and Electronica. I caught the last few minutes of his set as he introduced “Wildlight” to the stage, a new project featuring productions by David Sugalski (TPA) and folk singer/song-writer Ayla Nereo. Wildlight has been able to re-capture a new sense of the untraditional outside-the-box thinking that amplified and grew the original TPA following. The duo’s skill is much more evident in their original recordings based on this particular live performance.

122“This is not what I paid 20 dollars for” was the most common response, and I quote. There are a few things that could have contributed to the negative response: It was not a sold out raging party like some events the hyped crowd is accustomed to, the sound system was not functioning properly, and Wildlight is a new project with a different down-tempo style sound and unorthodox vocals. Nereo’s voice was so muffled by the out of tune sound system; it did the music an injustice. There was a noticeable covering of the ears during her ten minute solo. Wildlight is the first band to be signed to Jumpsuit Records, coincidentally. They recently hosted a remix contest via SoundCloud.com for the label’s future artist compilation release.

088Stage presence during The Polish Ambassador (TPA) was relatively unenthusiastic; bouncing with the occasional arm raise to the audience, keeping his hands to himself for considerable durations of time and away from both the computer and the controllers.  In terms of the music, it seems that the latest Polish Ambassador music has increasingly distanced itself from the technical, creative uniqueness of the long-lost alter-ego of Ample Mammal. He has  rather gotten himself stuck in a more bland simple dance beats with  repetitive noises,  boosted by a crowd-pleasing spectacle of overhead lighting, and of course, jumpsuits. In many ways, the sounds that characterized the spacey, other-worldly originality and distinctive personality of The Polish Ambassador have systematically degenerated to appeal predominately to the present day Earth’s mass mainstream-EDM culture.  Though regularly churning out high-profile collaborations and chart-topping remixes, the visceral elements of the regime he led when he came into power are becoming lost and unrecognizable. His remix of Blackstreet – “No Diggity” drove the dance floor, but warranted more real attention. Sitting outside debating intensely on his music, TPA fans in Charleston  still remain loyal but did not “get funky in a one-piece” as the theme of the show requested.

119And, the winner is…Liminus! To the left of TPA, bursting with more energy actually getting funky in his jumpsuit uniform was Liminus. He appeared to be the only one with any consistent live control of his contribution to the visual performance. “…a master of translating dynamic, sonic landscapes into breathtaking video projection. Liminus’s improvisational abilities are a perfect complement to the Ambassador’s custom-tailored audio transmission, and his presence on stage allows for an audio/visual synergy rarely witnessed in electronic music performance.”

087My initial reaction to the stage’s visual sequence was the only real surprise I took from the show’s otherwise predictable and mediocre sets. I thought he was another D.J. due to his dance moves. Then I realized Liminus was liable to keep the crowd’s attention.  Though sometimes challenging to distinguish images on the thin cut outs used for 3D stage visuals, Liminus’ arches are a clever yet simple design that allowed his ideas to captivate the crowd. It reminded me of a double rainbow or the Sydney Opera House. Three people walked up to me just saying the word, “Liminus.” Needless to say, Liminus stole the focus of the show. At this particular event in Charleston, the normally restless and over-stimulated crowd’s response and participation was generally dull, yet resulted in non-stop dancing and was a groovin’ good time with good friends! Definitely worth the wenty dollars to experience new artists and see what is changing in music and visual art.

Listen/Download and learn more about these artists here:

DJ Vadimhttps://soundcloud.com/dj-vadim


The Polish Ambassadorhttp://thepolishambassador.bandcamp.com/

Liminus FBhttps://www.facebook.com/liminus

Liminus http://www.theforkinpath.net

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