The Planet Vape – GRAND OPENING by Alyssa Porter

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The Planet Vape – GRAND OPENING

Vaping Kicks Ash! Stop Smoking, Start Vaping!

Where Do You Stand on E-cig/Vapes and Smoking?

Alyssa Porter


The Planet Vape – 2487 Ste. A. Ashley River Rd, Chas. SC

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Vaping Kicks Ash!

Come experience Charleston’s Premier Vape Lounge! The Planet Vape is a locally owned Vape Shop and Lounge located in West Ashley. The Planet Vape is revolutionizing the concept of vaping by providing quality products and oils. The Planet Vape does not suggest vaping for non-smokers, but promotes the social aspects, art, and hobby of vaping to those who are committing to kicking the habit of smoking. At their Grand Opening event, the classy, sparkling, modern lounge was vaped out and packed full of friendly faces. Kickin’ 9.25 advertised the event, #Chsvapers were there for the party and broadcast the Grand Opening live!

To kick off the afternoon of their Grand Opening, they grilled burgers outside with live music, and a live artist created a wood burnt logo for The Planet Vape, which was later raffled. Throughout the day bottles of Planet Vape Signature Series E-Juice was given out, other promo giveaways included, Smoke Mini Dripper, Evod Starter Kit, Vapesox, Cupcake Driptip and Charm, Aspire BDC Vivi Nova Tank and Planet Vape Decal, and a Lanyard and Driptip.

Who says quitters never win? The grand prizes were given out at 4 P.M., I arrived during the “Cloud Chasing” Contest, and it was just heating up! Cloud Chasing is for the brave, experienced vapers. Whoever can produce the largest vape cloud with a high voltage battery, wins. James, the Cloud Champ of the Planet, is pictured below. James won a tshirt, $25 gift certificate, oils, and most importantly, bragging rights!! From 5-6 P.M the last grand prize winners were chosen and received, $50 and $100 gift certificates to The Planet Vape! Check out for current promotions and coupons!

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You must unlearn what you have learned about ecigs. The Planet Vape has done their homework! The Planet Vape is not your generic smoke shop. They know anything and everything about vaping. The positives and negatives, they know all about the community, and the ins and outs of their products. Read this compilation of vaping studies The Planet Vape shared on Facebook recently,

I spent a lot of time at The Planet Vape eJuice bar, the tasting station. There is zero percent nicotine at the eJuice bar so you can vape flavors all day. You can taste all of the home made eJuice and have flavors made for you. Carrie, owner, can even clone a flavor you’ve purchased elsewhere. eJuice ranges from 0% nicotine to 24% in 60+ flavors. The Planet Vape does a thorough job making sure their oils are perfect before selling. Chris, Carrie’s husband and co-owner, helped me choose a new battery and let me test out a few and explained what I needed to quit smoking.

The Vapers community is growing! The Planet Vape is a modern, mature business for Charleston and worth a visit for sure. After my first visit to The Planet Vape, I did not expect to toss a pack of smokes in the trash. So did a few of the builders I spoke with in the lounge. Anyone is welcome to use their wifi, taste their eJuice, vape socially in the lounge, and build vapes. Water is always free, and coffee and sodas are available. The Planet Vape treats customers like family. They are here to help us and to make the vaping environment fun because they are so passionate about their cause and expanding the community.

Visit The Planet Vape, it truly is Charleston’s Premier Vape Lounge and Shop. Stick with The Planet Vape as they grow their business and continue to bring you quality service and products! So, stop smoking and start vaping with The Planet Vape!

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Q&A with owner, Carrie Brown

*As I lounged at Planet Vape before the interview, a customer walked in and I had the pleasure of watching Carrie walk a social smoker through the vape experience. She took him to the tasting station and taught him how to assemble his vape, as well as informed him of the best choice for a first time vaper. She was an excellent at explaining the battery voltage and other products…and assessed his necessary nicotine level based on how many of what type of cigarettes he smokes. They provide in depth knowledge and training on how to use vapes, they are truly here to help YOU! The Planet Vape does not suggest vaping if you are not currently a smoker, but want to help those who want to quit smoking by offering a safer, more enjoyable alternative.

A little bit about yourself, some history. Do you have a slogan?

We moved here when my husband was offered a job in Charleston about 5 years ago. My husband and I discovered vaping about 8 months ago and quit smoking in the process. Nothing else worked for us. Cigarettes had a hold on us as they do to many others. I started making oil e-liquid myself and selling it online nationwide., I decided to open The Planet Vape to help people quit smoking. Vapes saved our lives!

Big pharma wants us sick. They don’t want us healthy. They are a business to make money not help you quit, with the patch – or that crazy drug – Chantix. Not smoking is 80% a decision. If you truly want to quit, we’ve got you on the other 20%! – we have a show that starts Thursday 5/22 @ 8:00pm starring one of our employees – Amanda aka VapeChickySC. The name of our show is ‘Life on Planet Vape.’

Can you give us a brief description of The Planet Vape? What is the mission statement, vibe, 5-10 year goals…?

Vapes saved our lives, we just want to help others quit smoking. Within 1 year we’d like to have at least one other location. 5-10 franchise it! Make the whole planet Vape! We would like to develop new high end premium juices, expand the lounge areas, and add gaming systems. We have been asked by fans for a Summerville location, so that is a possibility, but the ultimate goal is a lounge Downtown with more beverage options and a restaurant. We don’t want it to be a “Bar” The focus will always be on the vaping. We are here because were passionate about helping people-to come together and save lives.

How long have you been in business?

Online about 4 months, but our brick and mortar has been open about 6 weeks!

Where does the name come from?

If you could imagine a planet named Vape, that’s where we’re from. Once you join the vaping community, you’ll see what a different world it is!

How did you think of the flavors? Random? Best selling flavors?

Heisenburg, Sullivan’s Island and James Island are our bestselling e-liquids, Some are inspired by baking recipes I’ve used, and some even by specialty shot recipes. One of my favorite, Zombie Island, was modeled after Sambuca. And some of the flavors come from our customers. When I get a request for a custom flavor and it sounds just that good it ends up bottled and on the shelf – and the requester gets to name it! Sullivan’s Island was a customer request that is now one of our best sellers!

Nicotine is a drug, and has risk, it is in the same class as caffeine. Some flavorings can be questionable for inhalation. The flavoring companies that I use have conducted studies to test their flavors for inhalation safety. They are very transparent as to which flavorings are safe to inhale, and which ones should not be inhaled. We are very picky about the flavorings we use.

Do you make your own e-liquid?

Yes, we make it here in store, we can clone a flavor you have purchased somewhere else, and you can always call in an order!

Make e-liquid themselves, PGVG and flavor, no additives extra chemicals that are found in cigs. Plus, you are vaping this water based liquid, not burning a combustible as you are with cigarettes. At The Planet Vape, you can combine flavors or Carrie can clone a flavor you have bought previously.

When I got my eGo starter Kit, and I told my family I quit smoking, he immediately started assuming there were worse dangers to vaping as opposed to smoking. Is vaping a healthier choice?

Liquid nicotine is a drug classified the same as caffeine. If you are not a current smoker, we’re not trying to get you hooked on vaping. Yes, nicotine is a drug, but it is much much safer than the 4000+ chemicals they put in cigarettes. There is nothing burning, no smoke, no tar, no carbon monoxide. So yes it is ABSOLUTELY safer!

What do you have to say to those who say ”It is not FDA approved or health tested…” yet they still smoke cigarettes or take over the counter supplements, many things are not approved by the FDA, does not mean they cannot be sold.

Media is very biased, they always use scare tactics even though there plenty of research to support vaping. It has been blown out of proportion. I would say that people need to do some real research. Come and talk to us vape experts!

I can come in here and lounge around and vape for as long as I want?

Absolutely! We want you to come hang out with us! We have wifi, and you do not have to buy anything to come vape with us. We have coffee and our tasting station for sampling new flavors.

How do you handle the slight controversy? Did you have any issues starting up The Planet Vape?

No we didn’t have any problems at all. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, we just know our facts and do our jobs right. We want to improve the concept of vaping and provide a better vape experience.

How important is customer service to your business? Is it important to recognize loyal customers?

Very important. Customers are like family and we’ve made some great loyal friends so far. They keep coming back and bring their friends. It really is one big vape family!

Another reaction people have had is ohh I don’t know when to stop! Or someone says, “make sure you don’t sit there and puff for 10 min.”

There are ways to limit yourself, but typically your body does it for you. When you have had your fill of nicotine your desire slips away and you set it down.

How does vaping help you quit?

It satisfies so many of the strongholds that cigarettes attached to us with. You receive your nicotine, but there are no high dose patches to deal with that make a lot of people sick. Another big component to smoking is the physical habit. For me, I enjoy the feeling of the favor “smoke” in and out of my lungs. It is a relaxing habit. It’s a way to get away from your desk for a moment. When you vape you are satisfying most of the aspects of smoking where other alternatives do not.

Ive never seen such high tech electronic cigarettes. What brands do you carry?

We have starter eGos, eVods, Aspire, Kanger, etc. We also carry many different smart mods such as Innokin MVP, SVD, Nautilus, ZMax, mechanical mods like the Nemesis, Chi You, Tree of Life, and RDAs such as the Omega, Patriot, Stillaire and more.

Do you have an ecommerce site?

Yes, it is in the works. for now visit our site and call in orders.

Where do you advertise? Where can we find out more?

9.25 apex, facebook and twitter. Follow @theplanetvape

What community events or charities do you support or sponsor?


Are local artists welcome to install their work at The Planet Vape?


Special Promotions during this time?

All veterans and emergency personnel receive 10% off. For EMS week EMS personnel receive 50% off juice. We are working on defining customer rewards as well.

What organizations have played a role in supporting your business?

The community of West Ashley has been amazing! Our customers do all they can to promote us, and have welcomed us with open arms. We had several customers that would offer to help as we planned for the Grand Opening. They didn’t want paid, they wanted to volunteer because they wanted to help us! This is their vape lounge and we let them know that and I think they love us for that!

Do you have a competition?

Not exactly, but we just want to offer better quality products and e-liquid that are safer than some others ones sold in the area. We want you to know what you are getting.

What would you like to ask Where We Stand? Tell the public anything about you and The Planet Vape?

We would like to ask what more we can do for the community. What can we do for you?