This Little Piggy Got STRIPED! The Striped Pig Distillery Charleston’s First Distillery Since Prohibition !

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Striped Pig Distillery, as WhereWeStand readers know by now, opened its
doors Oct 1, 2013 as Charleston first local distillery since prohibition.
WhereWeStand Magazine was thrilled to be invited to tour and feature this hidden
treasure. Hidden literally, it is tucked away down Old School Drive which did not
show up on two different GPS models. It was neat to see the building from across
the street and feel the desire to get there. We almost took the off roads, but it was
worth the five extra minutes to turn a corner and see a gigantic striped pig logo
above a nifty red door. We helped ourselves in, and were greeted promptly by the
friendly staff as well as the very special Striped member, Jackson.
When you ask what sets us apart, several things come to mind.
Striped Pig is changing the game because not only are we the first distillery in Charleston since Prohibition, but we make our spirits the classic, old fashioned way as well. All of our ingredients are locally sourced and were hand picked by our distillers. The distillers have a true passion for what they do and are committed to supporting the local economy and providing a premium product at an affordable price. Everyone should have the opportunity to drink good spirits.

Charleston is an amazing city because the culinary scene is exquisite but still
accessible. One is able to get a delicious, top notch, locally sourced meal at decent cost, and the spirits scene should be no different. We are lucky enough to have several great breweries, it is time for our city to have a great distillery, a spirit to call its own. When you’re drinking striped pig you’re tasting the city. From the ingredients, to the tireless hands that make it, to the whole mystique that is our brand, we are Charleston’s distillery. We are the old friends that you have a delicious, classic cocktail with on your porch. Our guys
are the good ole boys, committed to doing things the Charleston way!
Everything in the building has a story. Historical, or personal. The tour of the
Distillery started in a beautifully decorated with deep wooden furniture crafted of
barn wood from the farm which raises their corn. Recycling in a basic form is used
here, they refurbished wood and used their own barrels as decoration and have two
shiny large copper center pieces you must see for yourself. Surrounding the piece of
machinery are the comfiest looking trendy t-shirts, cups, mugs, and hats. They even
sell small whiskey barrels, one of which was raffled off at the Bay St. Biergarten
Takeover. Around the distillery or at any events that we are at you can also get
stickers. Who doesn’t love stickers!? Look for them around town and if you tag
Striped Pig on any social networks with a picture of you and the sticker and where it
is from, you might get a surprise
Everything about our business is as locally sourced as we can make it, and that is our way of giving back to the local economy and making things come full circle. Even take for instance the left over mash that we don’t use. We donate that to local farms to feed their pigs. One in fact which teaches children with disabilities where food comes from. That’s what striped pig is all about, that’s what makes us different. We are not just making liquor. Many distilleries don’t even make their spirits from scratch, they are only focused on marketing and money. We are more than that. We are proud of what we do, and we want Charleston to be proud to have us!
The staff at Striped Pig really know their stuff! The dedicated, knowledgeable,
professional staff work together like family. Julie, Director of Marketing says, “This is
a collaborative effort! Without every part of our machine, our company would not
work. We are so thankful for the team that we have. Small and powerful!” They
kindly ask that you do not bring pets or children inside the distillery
The guys hand bottle and hand label their liquors at a swift 4-5 bottles in 25
seconds! After an hour or so, approximately 400 unique bottles are signed and
ready for shipment. If you are the type to collect your empties, a bottle of STRIPED
would earn a spot on kitchen shelf. Not only will it stand as a relic reminding you of
a great night, but the bottle will serve as decor being one of a kind and not factory
The guys mentioned often working overtime to get their products perfect
and on the shelves, and to you faster. After learning about the making of Rum,
Whiskey, Shine, and Vodka from the ground up, and exploring four pieces of
beautifully crafted heavy yet delicate machinery, we were taken into the bar area
near. It was here we ended our tour. And boy, did they save the best for last! We
were taught by a pro how to really taste these liquors at our tasting session. I tried
Cherry Vodka, Silver Rum, Butterscotch Rum, and after that my handwritten notes
were fuzzy.…Do you ever follow your friends choices? You no longer have to agree
with the mainstream favorites. Next time all you have to say is,
“I found my
Ask your local liquor store anywhere in South Carolina for Striped Pig. If they don’t have it,
tell them that our distributor is Ben Arnold Beverage Company. Look for new, natural flavors and more exciting, big events to come!

Striped Pig Vodka is a corn vodka, hand-crafted in our distillery. It is smooth and subtle while still carrying the sweet corn flavor from its locally grown raw material.


The corn is grown at Myer’s Farm in Bowman, SC. It is an excellent martini vodka because it carries more flavor than a lot of other plain vodkas.

There is no mixer that does not compliment Striped Pig Vodka’s flavor profile

Striped Rum

Made with premium southern molasses from Savannah, Georgia.

Our rum’s rich flavor is distinctive and different from anything else on the shelf.

It can be enjoyed straight, but its flavors are especially highlighted when shaken with a simple mixer and served over ice.


The 120 proof Striped Pig ‘Shine is unlike anything else on the spirits shelf. Our moonshine is unique in the handcrafted way that it’s made as well as being the strongest legal moonshine in South Carolina.

A smooth spirit made from corn grown at Myer’s Farm in Bowman, SC, it is a true moonshine made in the most classic way.

With a sweet, subtle taste of corn in its back-end, you will be surprised at its smoothness while still be such a strong spirit.

This is what happens after you try The 120 proof Striped Pig ‘Shine


As opposed to
describing the entire tour in its detail and the distilling
process, I’d rather direct you to a neat virtual tour and leave the secrets for the
tour itself. There is nothing like hearing the rumbling sound and smelling the
sweet yet warm aroma of these beverages being created as you are learning
the precise scientific process! What really puts a twist on this brand is their
creativity, innovation, attitude, and energy. It’s incredible! The staff alone
turned my day around with their humor! You will love their style and products.
Go to STRIPED PIG DISTILLERY! Even a non-drinker can have a blast. I advise
anyone who is a social drinker, a couple, a tourist, a worker in the industry, and
supporter of local economy to take this tour!
Catch the next takeover and taste for yourself!
Striped Pig will be at Cocktail Club on
January 30th
from 6-8 and Total Wine on the 31st from 1-4. Stay tuned for details via Facebook! Take a virtual tour at
WhereWeStand Magazine would like to thank Striped Pig staff for their hard work and wonderful products. Johnny Pieper, Juliana Harless, Jim Craig, Todd Weiss, Casey Lillie and Boris Van Dyck. Thanks Y’all!

THE Striped Pig Tour

“At Striped Pig Distillery we encourage guests to drop by for a tour around our facilities! A tour starts with a history lesson on Prohibition and how we chose the name “Striped Pig”.The tour then progresses through to our processes and then concludes with a tasting and some cool memorabilia. Bring your friends and prepare to not only learn something new, but have a great time while doing it!

*We are open for FREE Tours and Tastings,Wednesday through Friday from 3 to 7 P.M., and Saturday from 12 to 5 P.M.

Tours last about 45 minutes to an hour and begin at the top of every hour, the last tour starting at 6 P.M., and 4 P.M., respectively. If you aren’t on time, no worries, we are very flexible!

Striped Pig is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. and Saturday from 12 to 5 P.M. to purchase merchandise and spirits. We believe in an open door policy, and we want our guests to always feel welcome! We are closed Sunday and Monday.

If you would like to book a tour for a specific time other than during the scheduled tour times, please submit the form at the bottom of this page.

Tours are given by our own distillers and founders who can intensely describe every aspect of the process of making your liquor.

We take great pride in the uniqueness and freshness of our products, and we are excited to share with you how we make the best tasting spirits around!


2225-A Old School Drive
Charleston, SC 29405
P: 843-276-3201